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2020 Tourist Guide Pass Exam "Basic Knowledge of Local Guides" Exam Preparation Questions 34

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    [Abstract] Candidates who are preparing to take the 2020 Tourist Guide Pass Exam need to review it quickly. The Global Network School Guide Pass Channel has specially arranged the 2020 Guide Pass Examination “Basic Guide for Local Guides” exam preparation test question 34, hoping to help you review.

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    2020 Tourist Guide Pass Exam "Basic Knowledge of Local Guides" Exam Preparation Questions 34

    I. Multiple choice questions

    1. "The mountains and rivers have no doubt, there will be no road, Liuyinhuaming another village" is similar to the means of framing is D

    A. Tim King

    B. Opposition

    C. Borrowing

    D. Suppression

    2. In the idiom "yin eats food", when "yin" means hour, it means D

    A. 5 o'clock-7 o'clock

    B. 1 hour-3 hours

    C. 7 o'clock-9 o'clock

    D. 3 o'clock-5 o'clock

    3. "Deng Guanquelou" written by the famous Tang Dynasty poet Wang Zhizheng belongs to B in genre

    A. Five-character ancient poem

    B. Five-character quatrains

    C. Five-character poetry

    D. Word

    4. "Jiang Zuo Qing Luo Belt, the mountain is like a jade jade", the image of the beautiful scenery is C

    A. Xiangjiang Landscape

    B. Landscape of the Yangtze River in Taihu Lake

    C. Guilin Landscape

    D. Fuchun River Landscape

    5. The proprietary Chinese medicine known as "Holy Medicine of Traumatology" and "Divine Medicine" and "Elixir" is C

    A. Wuji Baifeng Pill

    B. Dahuoluo Dan

    C. Yunnan Baiyao

    D. Ginseng Reconstituted Pills

    6. The couplet "Aoyama is fortunate enough to bury faithful bones; Baitie innocent casts a minister", from the connection and related characteristics of the two sentences above and below, it belongs to B

    A. Right

    B. against

    C. String Pair

    D. Folio

    7. Ancient Months and Months "Meng", "Zhong" and "Season" refer to one of the three months of spring, summer, autumn, and winter in each year, so the first month can be called Meng Chun. Thus, Ji Qiu should refer to the C of the lunar calendar. "Guide" P42

    A. July

    B. August

    C. September

    D. October

    8. Tourists bought a Chinese painting drawn from a painting shop in recent years, with the title "Painted at Yang Shenxuan in Yangzhou and recorded in Yangzhou". Known that 2009 is an ugly year, please calculate the year of the painting creation is C

    A. 2003

    B. 2002

    C. 2004

    D. 2005

    9. Regarding Buddhist teachings, the following description is wrong. A

    A. The "water, gold, fire, wood" that forms everything cannot constitute an eternal entity, which is what is called "the four majors are empty"

    B. Wisdom is a state of mind, and it is the discernment of realizing the world law

    C. Collection refers to the cause of suffering

    D. "All walks have no self", "All walks have impermanence", and "Nirvana Silence" are called "Three Law Seals"

    10. Jinding, Emei Mountain, Sichuan, is famous for seeing which of the following weather landscapes D

    A. Xia Jing

    B. Smoke and rain

    C. Fog

    D. Buddha light

    Second, multiple choice questions

    11. The following famous tea belongs to Oolong tea is BCD

    A. Huangshan Maofeng Green Tea

    B. Wuyi Rock Tea

    C. Anxi Tieguanyin

    D. Guangdong Phoenix Dancong

    E. Junshan Silver Needle Yellow Tea

    12. The correct combination of the following options is ACE

    A. Huangqiao sesame cake-Jiangsu

    B. Jiang Mao Dumplings—Anhui, Zhejiang

    C. Xiaowotou-Beijing

    D. Spring onion sea cucumber—Fujian, Shandong

    E. Long Chaoshou-Sichuan

    13. The characteristic of Tibetan Buddhism is ABCE

    A. Mana

    B. Combination of religion and politics

    C. Living Buddha reincarnation

    D. Zenjing Shuangxiu Chinese Department of Buddhism

    E. Abnormal respect for the Lama

    14. An important feature of Jiangsu cuisine is CDE

    A. Cantonese cuisine with clear taste

    B. Receiving Guangbo Qi's Mixed and Rejuvenated Cantonese Cuisine

    C. Pay attention to soup, thick but not greasy, fresh flavor

    D. Rigorous selection of materials

    E. Original taste, one dish at a time

    15. Regarding Song Jin's description, the correct one is BCD. "Guide" P287, 288

    A. Began in the Liu and Song dynasties in the Southern Dynasty, matured in the Ming Dynasty and developed in the Yunjin of the Qing Dynasty

    B. Produced in Suzhou, is a kind of high-grade silk fabric with a long history

    C. is a tapestry mainly for painting and calligraphy

    D. Its varieties can be divided into three categories: Dajin, Hejin and Xiaojin

    E. Its patterns and materials are commonly used in dragons, phoenixes, unicorns, and peacocks.

    16. The following verse comes from the Tang Dynasty poet ABDE. "Guide" P264, 265, 266

    A. Beyond the blue sky in Sanshan, Bailuzhou in the second water

    B. The winding path leads to the secluded place, and the Zen room is deep in flowers and trees.

    C. Everyone says that Jiangnan is good, and tourists only agree with the former five generations of Jiangnan

    D. The desert is lonely and straight, the sun sets over the river

    E. Lu Cong is white tonight, the month is hometown

    17. Among the following works, the famous novel belonging to the Ming Dynasty is ABE. "Guide" P268

    A. "Journey to the West"

    B. The Romance of the Three Kingdoms

    C. "A Dream of Red Mansions" Qing Dynasty

    D. "Liao Zhai Zhi Yi" Qing Dynasty

    E. "Water Margin"

    18. Among the following ancient gardens in China, the royal gardens and private gardens are BD. "Guide" P211

    A. Gong Wangfu Garden, Keyuan Private Garden

    B. Chengde Mountain Resort and Jichang Garden

    C. Beijing Beihai Park, Chengde Mountain Resort Royal Garden

    D. Summer Palace and Yu Garden

    E. Geyuan, Heyuan Private Garden

    19. The description of Huizhou Ming and Qing dwellings is correctly ABDE. Guide Base P194

    A. Horse head wall is patchwork

    B. Exquisite wood carving

    C. Suzhou Residential adjacent to River Street

    D. Color paintings are light and elegant

    E. Xidi and Hongcun were included in the World Cultural Heritage List in 2000

    20. China's three major woodblock New Year pictures are produced in ABC

    A. Tianjin Yang Liuqing B. Suzhou Taohuawu

    C. Weifang Yangjiabu

    D. Mianzhu, Sichuan

    E. Zhuxian Town, Kaifeng

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    A reminder from the editors of the Global Online School : The above is the "2020 Guide Guide Examination" Basic Guide for Local Guides "Exam Preparation Questions 34" compiled by the Global Tour Guide Card Channel for you. Please click the button below to enter the question bank to download.

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